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Technical requirements for users


The latest two versions of the following browsers and platforms are supported:

  • Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Firefox (Android, Mac, Windows)
  • Safari (Mac, iOS)
  • Opera (Mac, Windows)
Popup BlockerDisabled
Minimum screen resolution

320 x 480

LTI Version1.1

Network configuration

Access to the Internet (SaaS)


Firewall: Ports need to be open

  • HTTP (80)
  • HTTPS (443) (only if SSL is enabled)

Both in the IP of the server learningCloud.


It doesn't require any specific configuration


Requirements for images in the appearance settings

Type of image Width High Maximum size Types
Application image1000 px1000 px2 MBJPG, GIF, PNG
Basic logo220 px40 px2 MBJPG, GIF, PNG
Large logo330 px215 px2 MBJPG, GIF, PNG
Logo of notification220 px40 px2 MBJPG, GIF, PNG
Background image1280 px800 px2 MBJPG, GIF, PNG
Profile of user image280 px280 px2 MBJPG, GIF, PNG
"Current" image280 px280 px2 MBJPG, GIF, PNG

Requirements for files in Social communities

The maximum size of a file that you can upload to a community of learningSocial is 5 megabytes.

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