netexCloud (admin) - users

From the "Users"tab, we will consult the full list of users at Netex Cloud and they can be perform multiple actions.

Create users

From the drop-down menu new user, clicking in create user can create a new user. We will complete the user data and the roles for each of the platforms included in Netex Cloud (LearningCloud, ContentCloud or external Apps).

See the following import section to see how to perform a bulk import of users via a CSV file.

Export users

Export press to generate a CSV file with data from the selected users.

Other options

By clicking on the moredrop-down menu, we can enable or disable users, as well as send a welcome email. To do this, we have to select from the list the user that want to apply any of these actions.

Search for users

In this section, a search engine is available to more easily locate users.

If you want to perform an advanced search, select the icon

to access a new screen where you can perform a more detailed search.

See the details of the user

Click on a user name to view its details.

From the screen details, you can perform the following actions.

  • Edit the user's data.
  • Enable / disable user.
  • Change password Netex Cloud of the user access.
  • Send welcome email to the user.

To delete a user is must first disable the user. In the inactive users, when accessing the student tab, the delete button will be shown. The delete action is irreversible and is propagated in all apps that the user has access.


Looking at the import trend, we are going to give margins associated with risks of being interrupted by the duration of the imports themselves.

Low to very low risk: Imports from <1000 users
Assumable/acceptable risk: Imports between 1000 and 2000 users
High risk: Imports between 2000 and 3000 users
High or very high risk: Imports from more than 3000 users

The fragmentation of the csv following the indicated instructions is strongly recommended. If you follow these guidelines, you will get a better optimization of the resources available on your platform.