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Create a group.

  • URL: /integration/ws/management/rest/groups
  • Method: POST
  • Headers:
    • Accept: version/format header
    • X-Cloud-Auth-Token*: authorization header
    • X-Cloud-Synchronization: synchronization type(default async).
    • Content-Type*: application/json
  • Parameters:
    • group*: group to be created (group parameter id is ignored during creation)
      • name*: group name
      • description: group description
      • codGroup*: group code (external identifier)
      • parentId: parent group identifier (internal or external). If parent group is not found, this parameter is ignored.
      • image: group image. Can be::
        • url: image url ({"url": "image_url"})
        • base64: image data ({"base64Image": "image_data", "mimeType": "image_mimeType"})
      • roles: group roles as a map. Allowed values are:
        • management: user, groupadmin, admin
        • training: user, trainer, groupadmin, admin
        • social: user, admin
        • play: user, author, validator, admin
        • talent: admin, employee
        • content: author, manager, reviewer, projectowner
      • extra:
      • isOrganization (*): Enable group as organization in customer
  • Responses:
    • 200: OK. Content:
      • status: general status
      • location: resource generic location (if any)
      • message: generic message, success or error (if any)
      • responsePlatforms: response by platform, with:
        • status: plataform status
        • location: platform resource location (if any)
        • message: plataform success or error message (if any)

(*) Field "isOrganization" only applies in customers with multiorganización enabled

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