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Cloud will provide us a single entry point for the execution of WS. From this point, Cloud will redirect requests to the appropriate WS (Central, Social, etc ). For this purpose, the previous paragraph define, by convention, how to invoke those services. In addition to obtaining a unified way to make requests to Web services, the authentication of users that make requests is centralized.


Management web services have basic functionality like user management. Prefix is /ws/management and the services are redirected to Cloud internal WS.

i.e: List users: http://<tenant>


This web services are responsible for training management. Prefix is /ws/training and they are redirected to Central web services. The way to request these services is adding the prefix to the corresponding WS. More information about Central WS

i.e: If we make a request to list all courses in Central, we make the request to . If we want the request to go through the centralized endpoint, we will make the request to

Header parameters, query parameters or form parameters are also redirected to the destination web service


Social web services are those of the homonymous platform. Prefix is /ws/social and they are redirected to Social. Its operation is analogous to the previous section. 

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