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Mapping convention

In order to use learningCloud web services, all Production customers should use the learningCloud integration domain: https://<tenant> . This domain is mapped to our integration infraestructure, decoupled from our frontend infraestructure, so this is the recommended domain for integrations.

You should note that netexCloud web services are still available at customer learningCloud domain (https://<customer_id> since we'd like to offer a migration window to our clients; however, this domain will be deprecated in the future. This is the reason why along this document we are going to use both integration and customer domains in our examples.

Our centralized web services will have the following url pattern:


section: mandatory. Allowed values are:

  • management: basic services, like managing users
  • training: training services, like managing courses
  • social: social services, like managing communities

context: mandatory. Context of the url, specific for every section.

To compose the complete url for a WS call, we must concatenate the integration domain and the WS url. For example, for the cutomer netex, WS urls start with https://<tenant>

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