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Obtains the externalId of a group (always synchronously).

  • Url: /integration/ws/management/rest/v1/groups/<commonid>/externalid
  • Method: GET
  • Headers:
    • Accept: version/format header
    • X-Cloud-Auth-Token*: authorization header
  • Responses:
    • 200: OK. Content:
      • status: generic status
      • location: generic location of the resultant resource, if any
      • message: generic success or error message, if any
      • responsePlatforms: response for every platform it concerns. Each one with the content:
        • status: status in the platform
        • location: location of the resultant resource in the platform, if any
        • message: success or error message in the platform, if any
  • Url example by user id:
  • Response example:

    Get commonid of the user
    "commonId": "eea75bac34084ab3aa3156ce61a2b225",
    "externalId": "gruponetex1"

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