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NetexCloud administrator can set policy passwords you want to use. To do this, you need to access to the Configuration section, and then to the Advanced Settings tab.

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You can activate the following rules:

  • Minimum number of characters in the password ( must be greater than zero )
  • Minimum number of uppercase characters.
  • Minimum number of lowercase characters.
  • Minimum number of special characters. For example, ! & $ % / () _ # + '.
  • Minimum number of digits.
  • Minimum number of digits or special characters in the first characters.
  • Do not use common or easy to guess words.
  • Password different from the previous one.
  • Enable CAPTCHA after a number of failed login attempts.
  • Password expiration. 

In the case of password expiration, when this policy is active, if a user attempts to log in and the password is expired, the user will be redirected to a password change page. The page will inform that the password has expired and a password change is mandatory.

Other improvements

  • Support to Cloud Mobile for user authentication.
  • Web Services to provide the list of courses linked to communities.
  • Web Services reporting if Netex Cloud has Social integrated.
  • SAML authentication type custom client from Cloud Mobile.
  • Improved integration between courses and Your community:
    -Unlink the community.
    -Linking course with an existing community

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