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This component allows you to add an audio file that can be played automatically as soon as the screen is accessed. It is also anchored to the top of the screen.

In the Tokyo template, an audio can be added for each screen.
In Berlin template, the component is added at the page level, not associated with the sections.

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This component has only three properties

ResourceMp3 file with the audio you want to play.
AutoplayDecides whether the audio will play automatically when you enter the screen or not.
Overcoming goalAllows you to modify the goal overcoming settings for this particular component, making it behave differently from the general settings you set. We can choose between:
  • Legacy: Applies the default value that is defined in the unit's target settings area (See here).
  • It is not objective: the component will not be a target to overcome to finish the unit.
  • Interact: You need to tap on the image to exceed the target.

Remember: this functionality is only useful if the image is interactive, that is, clicking it opens a popup, a document or a web page.

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