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This activity allows you to add clickable areas on an image and the student will point to the correct elements.

Image 26018

This activity is structured in two zones:

A. Wording zone. By default it includes a text,but you can add other components such as image, audio and video.

B. Answer zone. This area will include an image on which you can add correct response areas.

Setup process

Step 1. Configure activity properties

The first thing to do is to enter the "Properties" tab of the activity and select the"Resource" or image that will be the basis of the activity. In addition, other properties can be configured.

TitleTitle of the activity.
AttemptsOnly available if the quiz uses the "Activity Block" view.
Allows you to configure the number of attempts available to answer the activity.

The score required for the activity to be completed and appear in positive feedback. By default, 100% of the correct areas are required.

The score is evenly distributed across all the correct areas. If the activity has 4 correct options, the score for each would be 25%

0.5% will be deducted for each incorrect option selected.

Thus, in an activity with 4 correct options, if the student selects all the correct ones but marks 2 additional zones incorrectly, his note will be: 25% 25% 25% 25%-0.5%-0.5%-90%


Property only available when using the "Questionnaire" view of the questionnaire.

By default, all questions weigh the same, but here we can change the value that the question will have with respect to another. To understand the effect of weight modification on activities, see here where you can see how a quiz note is calculated.

Select the image that will act as the graphical background of the activity
Border color of areas

allows you to customize the border color of the areas selected by the user.

Border color of the right areas
Border color the wrong areas
Sets the colors of areas when they are correct or incorrect.

Step 2. Set the utterance

1. Compose the question statement text (See here for text settings)

2. Optionally, you can add more components within the statement. Make sure you have the statement selected (the most comfortable way is by the crumb path) and, in the "Add" tab incorporate the components you need.

Image 26019

Step 3. Add the right answer areas

Select the activity and add as many correct areas as needed. They can be moved and resized as needed.

Image 26020

In the areas we have three specific properties:


Decide whether the area will be circular or square.

X Position (px)
Y Position (px)

Allows you to set the exact position of the area on the X and Y axis


Sets the width and height of the area in pixels

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