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The "Instruction" is a component that describes to the user what action to take. You can add it from a component block of type"Text".

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In its properties you can configure the following items:

StyleDefines which color will be applied to the statement's representative icon:
- Primary color
- Secondary color
Arrow positionIndicates where the arrow on the icon points.
- Top
- Botton
- No arrow
If the date points down or is without an arrow, it will be placed closer to the component below it.
If the arrow points upwards, it will be placed closer to the immediately upper component.
WidthAllows you to modify the space occupied by the component within the central content column. By default, it takes up 100% of the available space, but can be reduced using other predefined percentages or can be arranged to "full-size". In some dating styles, the "Full" size causes the size to exceed the width of the center column.
AlignPlaces the right-aligned, left, or center-aligned component in the center column of contents. It only takes effect when we apply a "Width" less than 100%.

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