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LOM is an acronym for Learning Object Metadata. This metadata is used to catalog and identify content to make it easier to classify and search a repository (whether a generic repository such as Agrega 2, or specific, custom-created for an entity).

Currently, we can use two content cataloging standards:

  • LOM is an international standard.
  • LOM-ES is the adaptation of LOM to the Spanish educational context.

Within contentCloud you can generate a LOM tab for each authoring unit. To generate it, go to the administration panel of the unit and enter in the "Configuration" tab. 

Select the Include LOM data data check box.

Then select the desired formulation (*) and click Complete Form.

Image 33780

The form details must be completed.

If you need to add any additional data (e.g. you want to add the unit title in another language), you can press the button to add it.

When all the required form data is completed, the Save button will be activated.

Image 20847

When the unit is published, your zip file will include the LOM tab that we generated and can be used to incorporate the content into the desired repository.

(*) Remember:

A tab with the required data of the LOM-ES standard is currently available.
If you want to generate a custom tab with additional LOM-ES data or a custom LOM tab, contact your salesperson to define the desired development.

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