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This component allows you to add external content with traceability of type SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004. Thus, the details of overcoming or completitude sent by that content for the overcoming or completeness of the unit hosting it will be taken into account. It can even be configured to influence the unlocking of sequential navigation.

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TitleThe name of the content being added.

Allows you to add the zip file that hosts the animation. Tap "Browse" to locate the file in the Drive Resources folder (see here).

If you are going to modify the animation to be displayed in this component, we must press "Browse" to select the new zip file and then press the "Update" button to load the new content.

Launcher nameThe name and extension of the launcher file of the SCORM content. By default, we have entered the name"index.html",but if it is another, it must be changed.
HeightAllows you to limit the height of the content. Indicated in pixels.
Aspect ratioAllows you to modify the height and width ratio of the animation (16:9, 8:5, or 4:3)
AssessableIf the SCORM content being added emits a score, you can decide whether that score will be sent to the LMS platform to define the unit note.
Show iconLets you decide whether to display the top icon of the component or not

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Icon (70px X 70px)Allows you to change and customize the component icon by another image of maximum size 70x70 px.
Overcome goalSets whether SCORM content will be taken into account in passing unit targets and whether it influences page unlocking during sequential navigation.
We can choose between:
  • Inherited: Applies the default value that is defined in the unit's goal settings area (See here).
  • Not objective: the component will not be a goal to overcome to finish the unit.
  • Interact: You need to interact with SCORM content to exceed the goal.
  • Complete or exceed: You need to complete or exceed SCORM content (get the minimum score set). It will depend on how that SCORM content is configured.

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