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"Audio gallery" is a component that shows various images with an audio.

You will find this component in the group of "multimedia" components.

Image 20517

Setup process

1. When we add the "Image gallery", the component including two "Gallery Item"by default. This items has three elements:

a. Image. See here to configure this component)

b. Audio. See here to configure the component)

c. Text. Additionally, associated to the audio, you can add a text that can contain a description or the transcription of the audio.

Any of the elements can be eliminated from the item, being able to configure the gallery as desired.

2. In the "Add" tab you can add more "gallery items".

Image 20518

3. Go to the "Properties" tab of the Audio Gallery to configure its properties.




This property allows changing the space occupied by a component inside a central column of contents. The component occupies 100% of the space by default. Text size can be reduced to other preset percentages or can be displayed in "full-size". For some quote styles, "Full" width makes quotes lay over the central column.


This property allows placing the component on the right, on the left or on the centre of the central column where contents are shown. It can only be used when applied "Width" is less than 100%.


It allows inserting a component and "wrap" it with a text.

Image 5657

  1. First, we should select a size percentage under 100% in "Width" property (25%, for instance).
  2. "Float" property allows us to decide where we would like to put the floating component (on the right or on the left of the text).
  3. We use arrows to move the component and put it on the text. Image 5658

Overcome goal

It allows to modify the configuration of the overcoming of the objectives of this concrete component. We can choose between:

  • Inherited: this option aply the default value defined in the Completion Objectives Area.
  • Non objetive: this audio will not an objetive to complete the unit.
  • Interact: It is necessary interact with the component to reach the objective.
  • Complete: it is necessary to visit all items in the gallery to exceed the goal.

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