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Page navigation

By default, to advance between the different pages, there are two side buttons.

Image 22482

If desired, they can be hidden. Simply go to the Common Properties tab and mark the "Hide Navigation Buttons" property to "Yes".

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This allows users to move between pages using the main menu or other navigation items such as launchers.

Screen navigation

When multiple (sub-split) screens exist on a page, the user will navigate with a bottom bar that moves the screens vertically.

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You can select between two navigation bar styles.

Style 1Style 2
This is a floating bar,always visible. Apply color with transparency.

Image 20492

This is a bar fixed at the bottom of the screen. Apply solid color.

Image 20491

To select the type of navigation bar:

1. Go to the "Common Properties" tab.

2. In the "Cross-Screen Navigation" property, select "Style 1" or "Style 2".

3. Finally, customize the "Navigation Bar Color".

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