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The "Section" component allows you to create content that is displayed at the full width of the screen, regardless of the width defined for the center column.

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The section can be added within a screen, in any position (e.g. between two texts). If it is located at the top of the screen, it is glued, without margins, to the top area, so it is a good component to create headlines.

A section counts, by default, a row and a column. Inside the row and column you can add any other component. Sections allow you to add multiple rows inside.

Its properties are:

ViewLets you select from 2 possible views:
- Full width content.
The content occupies the entire width available on the screen (full screen)

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- Content adjusted to the center lane. The bottom of the section occupies the entire width available on the screen (fullscreen) but the content (texts, images ...) adjusts to the width of the center lane.

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TitleComponent title
Background imageYou can add a background image for the component.
Background colourYou can set a background color for the component
Background typeLets you decide the background type if you add a background image:
- Repeat background:
repeat the background image until all available space is filled
- Do not repeat background:
Does not repeat the background image, the image added to its size is displayed.

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