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With contentCloud you can import authoring units from other contentCloud instances. It is also useful for importing authoring units from an old learningMaker instance.

Export an authoring unit

Exporting a authoring unit generates a zip package with the editable unit and all its resources. It is not a functional unit (such as when you publish an authoring unit) and only serves to be imported into a contentCloud instance.

To export a unit, go to the options menu and press Export .

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This will generate a zip file that you can download to your desktop.

Import an authoring unit

To import a drive, place yourself in a project or folder, press the + button, and select Import authoring unit .

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Select the exported zip file and the import process will start automatically.

While the import is taking place, you can continue doing other actions in contentCloud. When the import is complete, an confirmation message appears.

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