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It is possible to add a PDF file including all contents of a multimedia unit. When added, direct access to this PDF appears on the Toolbar.

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In order to create it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Interface.
  2. Access the "Add content" tab.
  3. Click on "PDF link".
  4. Access the "Properties" tab and adjust setting properties.

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PDF file name.
IMPORTANT. If your unit has two languages (see multilingual configuration explained here), you should assign a different name for each PDF version (i.e. content_ES.pdf and content_FR.pdf). Otherwise, a single PDF will be generated for both languages.


Decide how this file will be opened:

  • Blank: a new tab opens the file.
  • Pop-up: a pop-up window opens the file.

Include an index

Decide whether to add an index to introduce unit sections included in this document.

The PDF document will be created once you publish the drive (See here) and you will be able to view it:

  • From the drive's resource folder.
  • After downloading the folio, unzip it and run its index.html

Yes you've made a content modification to the unit, you'll have to republish it so that the change is reflected in the PDF.

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