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contentCloud allows you to directly publish the units created with our editor in LMS platforms supported by PENS. This way when you publish a unit, you can select one of the platforms, configured previously, so that the project is uploaded directly to it.

Pens is a standard whose goal is to facilitate the publication of content created with author tools on supported LMS platforms.

Create a link to a compatible platform with PENS

This action can only be performed by an Administrator user. 

Go in Settings  and tap Pens system .

Image 15410

Here you will see the PENS platforms already configured. To add a new one, press the button.

Image 15411

Now, cover the data in the creation form and tap SAVE .

Image 15412

Modify a platform

Once you've created a PENS platform, you can edit it, change its data, or delete it. To do this, we need to access the context menu options.

Image 15413

Publish units to PENS

This action can be performed by Administrators, Managers and Authors.

  1. Go to the ContentCloud Posts tab, locate the correct post, and open its options menu.
  2. Select Publish to PENS system .Image 15414
  3. Select the desired PENS platform and tap PUBLISH .
    Image 15415

The unit will have been sent to the LMS platform and created as an activity that can be incorporated into any course.

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