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Initial configuration

Berlin - Initial configuration | Structure and navigation

Berlin - Initial Setup | Main menu

    Berlin - Initial configuration | Unit title

      Berlin - Initial configuration | Unit logo

        Berlin - Initial configuration | Numeration type

          Berlin - Initial configuration | Main colours

            Berlin - Initial Setup | Typography

              Berlin - Initial configuration | Unit resources

              Berlin - Initial Setup | Accessibility tools

                Berlin - Initial configuration | Downloadable PDF of the unit

                  Berlin - Initial Setup | Free or sequential navigation

                    Berlin - Initial Setup | Set up unit goals

                      Berlin - Initial Setup | Multi-language

                      Pages, sections, and popups

                      Berlin template offers:

                      • Content pages, a concept quite similar to sections inside a unit.
                      • Sections. Located within pages, sections are subsections are used to organise contents graphically. Sections are just a visual resource to display contents within a page.
                      • Pop-ups or pop-up windows.

                      We should consider the following aspects:

                      • There are two types of pages: Cover and Content page
                      • A page must always contain at least one section.
                      • All components must always be added inside a section.

                      This example shows two pages: the first one has a cover screen, and the second one has one single page where we can scroll up and down vertically.

                      Image 16090

                      Berlin - Pages

                        Berlin - Section

                          Berlin - Popups

                          Berlin - Tooltips


                          Components | Page audio

                          Components | Headline

                            Components | Text

                              Components | Table

                                Components | Quote

                                  Components | Highlight

                                    Components | Teacher content

                                    Components | Code

                                      Components | Instruction

                                        Components | Image

                                          Components | Before/after

                                            Components | Image Exchanger

                                              Components | Image Gallery

                                                Components | Map of clicks

                                                Components | Launcher

                                                  Components | Image grid

                                                  Components | Parallax

                                                  Components | Divider

                                                    Components | Audio

                                                      Components | Video

                                                        Components | External animation

                                                          Components | Scormplayer

                                                            Componentes | Gallery audio 

                                                              Components | Interactive video

                                                              Componentes | Carrusel

                                                                Components | Drop-down

                                                                  Components | Tab group

                                                                    Components | Accordion

                                                                      Components | Row

                                                                        Components| Timeline

                                                                        Components | educaPlay

                                                                          Components | Activity block

                                                                            Components | Non-interactive activity

                                                                              Components | Glossary

                                                                                Components | Float content


                                                                                Activities are elements that can be added inside “Activity blocks” (See here).

                                                                                These are the type of activities available:

                                                                                Activities  | Simple answer

                                                                                  Activities | Multiple response

                                                                                  Activities | Image  answer

                                                                                  Activities | True/false

                                                                                    Activities | TMatching

                                                                                      Activities | Drag and Drop

                                                                                        Activities | Fill the gap

                                                                                          Activities | Drop-down

                                                                                            Activities | Single Matrix

                                                                                              Activities | Multiple Matrix

                                                                                              Activities | Likert scale

                                                                                              Activities | Essay

                                                                                              Activities | Free Draw

                                                                                                Tracking and others

                                                                                                contentCloud Authorship Units Tracking and traceability of templates

                                                                                                Berlin - Smart Content Support

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