TOKYO template

Inicial setup

When creating a unit with the Basic Netex template, first we should set up general parameters of its interface. In order to do so, we need to click on the upper menu bar of the unit and access the properties tab.

From here, we will be able to configure various elements:

Tokyo - Initial setup | Structure and navigation

Tokyo - Initial setup | Unit title

Tokyo - Initial setup | Main colours

Tokyo - Initial setup | Typography

Tokyo - Initial Setup | Downloadable PDF of the unit

Tokyo - Initial setup | Navigation menu

Tokyo - Initial setup | End page message

Tokyo - Initial setup | Free or sequential navigation

Tokyo - Initial setup | Configure unit objectives

Tokyo - Initial setup | Multilingual options

Or add the following components:

Tokyo - Initial setup | Logo

Tokyo - Initial setup | Toolbar

Pages, screens and pop-ups

Tokyo template offers:

  • Content pages, a concept quite similar to sections inside a unit.
  • Screens. Within the pages, screens act as sections and subsections that allow us to organise a secondary navigation level for contents.
  • Pop-ups or pop-up Windows.

We should consider the following aspects:

  • A page must always contain at least one screen. There are different types of screens: cover screens, content screens, summary screens, etc.
  • A screen can be as extensive as necessary, including a scroll bar on one side.
  • If a page contains various screens, navigation across pages is done vertically.

Tokyo - Pages, screens and pop-ups | Page creation and setup

    Tokyo - Pages, screens and pop-ups | Screen creation and setup

      Tokyo - Pages, screens and pop-ups | Cover screen

        Tokyo - Pages, screens and pop-ups | Contents screen

          Tokyo - Pages, screens and pop-ups | Popup creation and setup


          Components are elements that we can include in:

          • A screen. See how to create and configure a screen here
          • A pop-up. See how to create and configure a pop-up here
          • Other components. Some components can include other components inside them. For instance, a Highlight can include texts, videos and audios.

          This is the full list of components available offered by this template:

          Tokyo | Components | Screen title

            Tokyo - Components | Text

              Tokyo - Components | Appointment

                Tokyo - Components | Table

                  Tokyo - Components | Highlight

                    Tokyo - Components | Instruction

                      Components (Tokyo) | Code

                        Tokyo - Components | Image

                          Tokyo - Components | Before/after

                            Tokyo - Components | Image Exchanger

                            Tokyo - Components | Flipimage

                              Tokyo - Components | Image Gallery

                                Tokyo - Components | Audio Gallery

                                  Components (Tokyo) | Launcher

                                    Tokyo - Components | Map of clicks

                                      Tokyo - Components | Image Grating

                                        Tokyo - Components | Parallax

                                        Tokyo - Components | Divider

                                          Tokyo - Components | Video

                                            Tokyo - Components | Interactive video

                                              Tokyo - Components | Audio

                                                Tokyo - Components | Carousel

                                                  Components (Tokyo) | External animation

                                                    Tokyo - Components | Timeline

                                                      Tokyo - Components | Acordion

                                                      Tokyo - Components | Tab group

                                                        Tokyo - Components | Row

                                                          Tokyo - Components | educaPlay

                                                            Tokyo - Components | Quiz

                                                              Tokyo - Components | Quizz Conector


                                                              Activities are elements that can be added inside components:

                                                              • Reinforcement activity (see here).
                                                              • Quiz (see here).

                                                              There are various types of activities that we can add to both components:

                                                              Tokyo - Activities | Simple answer

                                                                Tokyo - Activities | Multiple choice

                                                                  Tokyo - Activities | Tap - Tap answer

                                                                    Tokyo - Activities | Drag & Drop answer

                                                                      Tokyo - Activities | True/false answer

                                                                        Tokyo - Activities | Essay answer

                                                                          Tokyo - Activities | Fill the gap answer

                                                                            Tokyo - Activities | Dropdown answer

                                                                              Tokyo - Activities | Single Matrix answer

                                                                                Tokyo - Activities | Multiple Matrix answer

                                                                                  Tokyo - Activities | Likert answer activity


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