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Tokyo template

It is the most complete template we offer you, with more than 30 components of text, graphics or multimedia.

Ideal for creating the most complex content. It is perfect for:

  • new procedures
  • mandatory content for job performance
  • development programs, etc.

You have pages (sections) that you can divide into screens (subsections), generating a double navigation, horizontal or vertical, to access sections and subsections.

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Berlin template

Oriented to the editorial field and tutored training.

Organize the contents into pages (lessons) in which you can add graphic sections, to differentiate, for example, the theory of practice.

Among its components there is a very special one: the content of the teacher, where you can add additional material for the teacher, such as instructions, solutions to the activities, etc.

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Vienna template

Designed for microlearning, it is ideal for mobiles and tablets. It is perfect for:

  • Summaries
  • Reminders
  • supplementary information, etc.

You can create contents of one or more pages. Decide how to navigate: With a main menu or design a learning path using cross-page recommendations.

It offers the basic components to create agile content: text, image, video and simple response activities. Sometimes less is more.

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Vegas template

Create small, separate resources to use on your platform. It is perfect for:

  • reinforcement questionnaires
  • interactive infographics

You have a blank canvas, without menus, headers or other navigation elements, so you can add what you need.

This template has the same components as the Tokyo template. You will have absolute freedom of creation!

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London template

It is aimed at creating presentation type content.

This template is specially designed for corporate content that want to display information in slides (as in a PowerPoint), which will be fully displayed in any browser without the need to scroll.

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Paris template

It is designed to create responsive training content which adapts to any device (PC, tablet or mobile), and allows you to create units with pages of variable length.

You can create content of a single page, oriented to micro-learning, or longer content, with several pages.

It is a template with a very modern and minimalist design, designed to easily adapt to any content and training need. It has more than 70 different sections that will allow you to compose your pages as you want.

Example | User manual

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