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contentCloud includes a very simple and useful authoring unit review process.

Activate the review process

This task can only be performed by a contentCloud Administrator (check the various available roleshere). To activate the review process, you must access the Settings area.

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Then you access Review tools .

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From here you can activate the review process. Additionally, units may be forced to go through the review process before they can be published.

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Send a unit for review

This is a task of author's profile

When an author finishes editing a version of the drive, the review process can be started. Access must be paid to Review

You can do it from the unit's options menu or from the button located at the top of the administration panel.

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The reviewer may review the unit:

  • Depending on your type of navigation. If the unit has been decided to have restricted navigation,it can be turned on or off as decided by the reviewer.
  • Depending on the target user. If the unit has a teacher version (available in the Berlin template) it can be verified to function as a student or as a teacher.

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The side menu Validation is accessed and pressed Submit to review . A warning will alert us that it should only be submitted for review if we are confident that we will not make any modifications to this version of the unit.

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You can also start the review process by clicking the Submit option, available in the options menu of the unit. This method is faster and more straightforward, without having to preview the drive.

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Locate units by their review status

It is very useful to be able to search and locate the units, filtering by their status. To find them, we enter the Unidades area, access the filters and choose the review status that we want to consult.

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Accepting or rejecting a unit

When the drive has been submitted for review, it will be marked with Ready to review status. Only users with the Reviewer profile will be able to perform the drive review.

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The reviewer user should display the unit and note any changes he deems necessary. Next, you must enter the area Review and press Validate .

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The reviewer can accept or reject the current version of the drive and add the comment you want.

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  1. When a drive is rejected it will be marked with a label. If the drive is rejected, the author must enter the edit panel, make the necessary changes, and generate a new version of the drive. You can then resubmit that new version to validate and start the process again.
  2. When a drive is accepted it will no longer display any type of tag and can be published.

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Revision history

If you enter the  Version area of each unit you can see the list of versions.

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In this list we will see the status of each of them: Draft, Pending Review, Rejected. Remember that when the unit is Accepted it will no longer have any labels.

In the options menu of each version you can enter its details by pressing Review history .

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Here you can see who submitted the review version and on what date, who reviewed it, when and what comments you made.

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