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The contentCloud solution arrives to replace learningMaker

And the change will be incredible

You will discover that contentCloud is a tool oriented to the integral management of the training contents of your organisation and that offers you the possibility to create custom content, as well as store the contents that you have created with other tools. Everything your training needs in a single space.

But if you're used to working with learningMaker, you'll have doubts. How will I do the most frequent operations now? Here we summarise them.

Create projects

in learningMaker you could create folders in which to store your units, but now with contentCloud you can create project, that is, specific spaces where you can group training content of the same theme, which you can assign to a Manager to take care of its management. Within projects you can create folders and units as before.

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Create folders

Just like in learningMaker, you can create folders to organise your units. However, in contentCloud you will create them within the projects. See how:

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Create units

learningMaker was an authoring tool focused exclusively on the creation of custom content. But with contentCloud you have much more. You can continue to create authoring units, but you can also save external units, that is, units created with other tools of the market. Thus, you will have all your training contents stored in a single space.

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And now with contentCloud, the experience will be more comfortable and intuitive, because the creation process is much more guided and clearer.

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Manage units

Until now, in learningMaker, if you wanted to publish a unit, manage its resources, or modify its properties, you had a series of top tabs. Now in contentCloud, all those features are available in a clearer and simpler side menu.

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Review process

Until now with learningMaker you could preview the units to check for production errors. Now with contentCloud you can start a review process, where the unit can be accepted or rejected by a Reviewer. Thus, the unit cannot be published until it is validated. Click here for more information.

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Get reports

learningMaker offered the possibility to know, folder to folder, the space occupied by the units. Now with contentCloud you will have access to more complete reports: number of units per project, unit costs, units per vendor... Now you will get data that will allow you to manage the training of your organisation and make the right decisions.

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Manage users

Decide which projects, folders, and units contentCloud users can access. Previously with learningMaker you had to access to the admin zone. Now it will be easier, being able to decide directly in each project, folder or unit who will have access and with which permissions.

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Delete and recover units

In learningMaker you could delete units or folders, which were sent to the trash. And from there you could recover them or eliminate them for good. In contentCloud is different, because you can:

  • Archive, which will store the contents in the Archive area (in the top menu).
  • Delete, which permanently deletes the content. There is no trash bin here so, it is recommended that you first archive and, when you are sure that you do not need the content, delete it.

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Searches and filters

In contentCloud you will have many more options than in learningMaker. You'll be able to search by archived units, by title, by unit type, by tags... now you won't miss a thing!

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You can review this comparison to learn more about these and other features.

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