contentCloud | Create units importing from Word

In contentCloud, it is possible to create units by importing of Word documents.


One of the great advantages of using this procedure is that all our content text formats will be preserved (bold, italics, listings, tables, links...), avoiding having to manually add these formats.

With this feature you will succeed in saving between 20% and 30% of editing time, since it allows us to preload our texts, automatically organizing them into pages, screens, text and other resources.

How to enjoy this functionality?

Currently, this feature facilitates the creation of units with Tokyo and Basic Netex template. If you are interested in using it, please contact our sales team for its activation.

How it is used?

To import a Word document in the editor of contentCloud, it is necessary to add in our document a series of labels that will help the system to recognize what kind of content we want to create: a text, a quotation, a standout, a question...

In this user guide you will find specific instructions on how to label each item, as well as usage examples.

Additionally, in this video you can see the entire process of creation and import.