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In contentCloud you can create units by importing Word documents.


One of the great advantages of using this procedure is that all the text formats of our content (bold, italic, listings, tables, links...), will be retained, avoiding having to add these formats manually.

With this functionality you will be able to save between 20% and 30% editing time,because it allows us to preload our texts, organizing them automatically into pages, screens, texts and other resources.

How to enjoy this functionality?

Currently, this functionality makes it easy to create units with the Tokyo and Berlin template If you are interested in using it, contact our sales team for activation.

How is it used?

To import a Word document into the contentCloud editor, you need to add in our document a series of tags that help the system recognize what kind of content we want to create: a text, an appointment, a highlight, a question...

In these documents you will find specific instructions on how to tag each item, as well as examples of use.

User Guide to tagging in Tokyo.

User Guide to tagging in Berlin.

For more information, this video tutorial gives you all the tricks about the creation and import process.

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