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contentCloud has 4 roles by default:

  • Administrator. This user is the administrator of the instance. The user has permissions to create and modify projects, assign permissions, view reports, and so on, but will NOT be able to edit authoring units,a permission reserved for the Author role.
  • Manager. You can create projects and manage projects that are assigned to you by an Administrator. In this way, you can:
    • Create and manage folders in your project.
    • Create and manage external drives and authoring units(but will NOT be able to edit them, a permission specific to the Author role.
    • Grant permissions to other users in your projects.
  • Author. You can create and edit authoring units for the projects and/or folders to which it is assigned. This role is licensed as an author and can be granted along with any other role (Administrator, Manager, or Reviewer).
  • Reviewer. You can perform the tasks of the review process,that is, accept or reject units.

If you want to know which users have each role, they are also using it (for example, to know which authors are consuming a license), check here how to consult it.

Assign user roles

User roles are assigned in the NetexCloud user settings zone.

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Set up permissions

Granting user roles to contentCloud does not mean they are automatically activated.
In order to exercise the role, you must then grant permissions, that is, you need to access contentCloud and decide where you can play the role: in all projects or in a specific project/folder/unit.

Check here to see how assing permisions.

The only role that starts to be exercised automatically is Administrator. The rest requires permission assignment.

And remember:

If you want...In netexCloud...In contentCloud...
a user has full permissions on contentCloud...Assign it Administrator and Author role.Configure it to be Author in all projects.
for a user to manage one or more projects...Assign him a Manager role.Configure where Manager will be: in all projects, or in a specific project/folder/unit.
that a user manages a specific project and can create authorship content.Assign him the Role of Manager and Author.Configure where you will play both roles: in all projects, or in a specific project/folder/unit.
a user creates authorship content but does not perform any management tasksGive him the Author role.Set up where you will be Author: in all projects, or in a specific project/folder/unit.
a user to carry out the process of reviewing the authoring units.Give him the role of Reviewer.Set up where Reviewer will be: in all projects, or in a specific project/folder/unit.

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