contentCloud | user roles

contentCloud has 4 roles by default:

  • Administrator. You are the administrator of the instance. It has read permissions on all projects. It is that is responsible for creating projects. It is also responsible for managing permissions of that project, defining who will be his Manager and which users are authors and/or reviewers. If you want this user to create "authored unit", we must assign a role of "Author".
  • Manager. Manage projects or folders to which it is assigned. In every project it can grant permissions of: (read, write, modify, publish). You can create external drives, but if you want that this user can create authoring units, we must assign role of "Author".
  • Author. You can create and modify units of authorship of projects or folders to which it is assigned. You can also publish units of authorship. This role consumes a license. This role can be granted together with any other (Administrator, Manager).
  • Reviewer. You can review units of authorship, and accept them or reject them, it is a prerequisite for publication in certain instances.

User roles are assigned in the NetexCloud user configuration area.


If you want a user to have permissions in contentCloud...Assign role of Administrator and author
If you want a user to manage a single project...Give the role of Manager.
If you want a user to manage a specific project and can create authoring content.Assign role Manager and author
If you want a user to create content of authorship but do not perform any management taskAssigned role of author.
If you want a user to review units of authorshipAssigned role of reviewer.

After assigning a role to a user, especially if it is the role of Manager, author or reviewer, you will have to manage their permissions of access to each of the projects, folders or contentCloud units.