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Add a new language

Authoring units that are created with contentCloud can be multi-language. When this is the case, the student will have elements in the interface of the unit that will allow him to change his language to consult its contents.

To add a new language, we access the details panel of the unit and click on the button located on the right of the screen.

Then, we choose the new language (one or more) that we want to add and, finally, we press "SAVE".

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After adding a language to the unit, by clicking on its options menu, we can:

Set the default language

If you add multiple languages to your unit, you'll be able to decide which of those languages is the one selected by default. Access the language options menu and click "Set as default language".

If you don't enter anything, the languages will be listed in alphabetical order.

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Delete a language

Click on the options menu of one of the languages of the unit and select the option "Delete".

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    Translate a project

    There are two ways to perform the translation:

    A. Manual translation. Select the language and press the "Open Editor" button. This way you will enter contentCloud editor to access the different unit's pages and manually translate all texts and others contents.

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    B. Xliff files. Xliff files are specific files used by professional companies translation to generate translations. With contentCloud you can use them to streamline and simplify translations.

    1. Place yourself on the source language from where you are going to get the texts to translate. Click on its options menu and select "Export to Xliff". You will get a file in xliff format that you must send to the translation company.
    2. When you receive the translated file, place yourself on the target language and, in its options menu, click "Import Xliff". If the file is correct, the unit will be translated in its entirety.

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