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In authorship units it will be very common that we need to add resources to complete the content (images, videos, audio files...).

You have two ways to enter in the resources folder: 

  • Go to the unit options.
  • Enter in the administration panel of the unit and go to the unit options. 

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In the resource management area we can:

1. Add images. Simply drag the images from our PC. You can also add images pressed over this area.

2. Sort and filter resources by name or type.

3. Search for resources by name or extension.

5. View resources in listing or grid mode.

5. By clicking on the options menu of the main resource folder, you can add subfolders to better organize the resources of the unit.

6. By clicking on the options menu of each resource, you can:

    • Rename the resource. Remember: In the name of files uploaded to Resources must not have blank spaces, no capital, tildes, or special characters (ñ, $, ...) Some browsers do not behave correctly when the file name contains any of these elements.
    • Delete the resource.
    • Duplicate the resource
    • Download the resource.

7. You'll be able to verify how much available space is left on contentCloud to continue storing resources for your drives.

8. If you need inspiration for your content, you can use the high-quality free images from the Unsplash gallery.

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