contentCloud | Authoring units | Manage the resources of the unit

In units of authorship will be very common that we may need to add resources to complete the content (images, videos, audio files...).

To add and manage a unit of authoring resources we must double click on the drive, which leads to the main panel. From here, click on 'Resources'.

In the area of resource management you can:

  1. Add images. Simply drag images from your PC. You can also add images pressed on this area.
  2. Sort and filter the resource by name or by type.
  3. Find resources by name or extension.
  4. See the resources list or grid mode.
  5. By clicking on the main resource folder options menu, you can Add subfolders to better organize the resources of the unit.
  6. By clicking on the menu of options of each resource, we can:
    • Rename the resource. Remember: In the name of the files that go to resources they should not have spaces in white, or shift, or tildes, or special characters (n, $,...) Some browsers do not behave correctly when the file name contains any of these items.
    • Delete the resource.
    • Duplicate resource
    • Download the resource.