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The main menu of the Vienna template is only necessary when we have two or more pages in one unit. This menu will give us access to the different pages or sections of content that we create.

The menu has the following items:

A. Indication of total time of dedication to the unit. This time is calculated by adding up the times that have been defined on each reading page in its "Estimated Time" property (See here)

B. Header image. Optional.

C. Progress bar. It is completed as we finish sections/pages of reading.

D. Title and subtitle of the unit.

E. Access card to each section/page of the unit. It shows your title, estimated time, and page type.

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Setup process

1. Select the page and go to the "Properties" tab.

Page titleThis will be the title of the unit, which will be displayed on this menu page.
SubtitleIt is used to make an additional description of the unit (for your goals, for example).
Header imageCustomizes the header image of the unit.
Background colorAllows you to customize the background color of the page. By default, it will assume the general color defined in the Common Properties of the unit.
Background imageAdds a background image, instead of applying only one color.
Background modeIf we have applied a background image, it allows you to decide whether to display the image once, to the entire screen width or if the image is repeated to its actual size, as many times as necessary to cover the entire screen

This page has no associated components,so you don't have to configure anything else.

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