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Reading pages consist of 3 parts:

A. Cover. Enter the page that allows us to add a short presentation and a support image. This cover, by default, is inactive. If we want it, we must activate it in the properties area of the page with the option "Show cover".

B. Content zone. General content space, where you can add texts, images, questions....

C. Close. When the student reaches the end of the content area, a "Finish" button will be activated that will show us the Close screen.

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Setup process

1. Select the page and go to the "Properties" tab.

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TitlePage title. It will be displayed on the page and in the main menu.
Estimated time (min)The time that is deemed necessary for reading the content of the page.
Suggested lessonLets you decide whether, at the end of the lesson, you want to suggest to the user to go to a specific lesson.
Show coverAdds a page-specific cover. This is especially useful if you want to create a unit with a single page.
Cover imageAdds a representative image to the cover.
Background colorAllows you to customize the background color of the page. By default, it will assume the general color defined in the Common Properties of the unit.
Background imageAdds a background image, instead of applying only one color.
background ModeIf we have applied a background image, it allows you to decide whether to display the image once, to the entire screen width or if the image is repeated to its actual size, as many times as necessary to cover the entire screen.

2. Go to the "Add" tab and incorporate the content components you need for your Page.

3. At the bottom of the page you will see the closing screen. If you want, tap on the text and compose the one you want.

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