contentCloud | Create an authoring unit

An authoring unit is a unit that can be created using the contentCloud editor.

To create an authoring unit it's necessary to have an "Author" role. The steps to create it are:

  1. Into a project.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Select the option "Create authoring unit".

Now, it is necessary to select the template that you want to use. There it is, the panel right side, shows a brief description of the chosen template and their technical specifications.

After choosing the template, press 'NEXT'.

Then, you must:

  • Select an image representative of the unit (optional). To add it, press the blue button on the side. It will lead us to a screen in which you can use pre-configured images of a gallery or use own images, uploading them from your PC.
  • Indicate the name of the unit.
  • Define your language by default. The chosen language sets the language of the template elements (keypads, menus and options of forward and reverse name...).
  • Add tags (optional). The labels will enable us to find and locate the units more easily. To add a label we must write the text and press the ENTER key.

After indicate these data, we can strike, in the upper area of the screen:

  • Save. Create the drive leads to your properties panel.
  • Save and go authoring. Create the unit and allows us to directly access the editor contentCloud.