contentCloud | Assign permissions to projects, folders or units

ContentCloud users can have one or more roles (Administrator, Manager, Author, or Reviewer) but to exercise those roles, we need to configure which projects, folder, or units they can exercise them in. That is, we must grant them access permissions.

Check the permissions that users already have granted

This is an action that can only be done by the Administrator.

To check what permissions different users have, we go to the Users tab. The full list of contentCloud users is displayed here.

By double-clicking on each of them you will be able to verify where you have permissions. Thus, we can see if you can access an entire project, or a specific folder and/or drive.

Check which users have permissions on a project

This can be performed by Administrators and Managers.

If we want to know which users have some kind of permission in a project, we need to access it and access the Team tab. All users with permissions will be displayed here, either throughout the project or only on a folder or drive.

If you want to know what specific permissions a user has in the project, just double-click on it. This will show you which folders and/or drives you have permissions to.

    Grant full permissions to a user

    This action can only be performed by an Administrator.

    By default, only Administrators can access all projects and their folders and drives. If we want a user to be able to exercise their role in all contentCloud projects and avoid having to give project permissions to project, simply go to the Users tab, double-click on the user and activate the All proyects option.

    From that point on, for example, a Manager could manage all projects; an Author could edit all authoring units of any project and a Reviewer could exercise its function in all contentCloud authoring units.

    Grant permissions on a specific project, folder, or drive

    This can be performed by both Administrators and Manager.

    If we want to give specific permissions on a specific project, folder, or drive, you need to access the option Manage permissions found in the options menu for each item:

    A dashboard will be accessed that shows all current users with permissions and which ones have. If desired, current users can be granted additional permissions or a new user can be added.

    We locate the desired user and press Add .

    Finally, it checks which roles you can play and whether you want them to play all of them or just one.