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Within the projects of contentCloud, you can create folders that allow you to better organize your indoor units.

To create a folder, click the button below to add items and click "Create folder".

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The only information that is requested for the creation is the name of the folder:

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After you create a folder, in the options menu you can perform different actions:

  • Rename.
  • Delete. REMEMBERS: in contentCloud deletion is permanent. If you delete, will be cleared automatically the folder and all its contents, unless you can recover it.
  • Archive. It allows to store the folder in file area. From there, it will be possible to restore the folder or delete it permanently. (See here to learn more)
  • Move. Position portfolios to move within your project.
  • Manage permissions. Specific access permissions can be assigned to users of contentCloud. (See here to learn more)

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