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A "Glossary" is an element that contains unit keywords. This element can only be added inside a pop-up (See here ).

You will find this component in the group of "Structure" components.

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Setup process

1.  We enter the "Add" tab and include the "Glossary items" we need.

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2. We access the glossary properties and, in the property "Order glossary elements". Here you can decide whether the elements of the glossary will be shown in the order of insertion or if they will be ordered alphabetically.

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 3. We select each "Glossary item" and access the "Properties" tab. Here we can include a key "Term identification" chosen from the glossary. This will allow us to link this term with a word included in the contents. We should remember to include this text, as we will use it whenever we want to create a direct link to the term included in the glossary.

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4.Notice that each "Glossary item" consists of:

  • A term, that is, a title. Each term includes an audio by default.
  • A description including a sample text by default.

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Por lo tanto, debemos:

a. Modificar texto del "Término" (es decir, el título de elemento de glosario)

b. Seleccionar el "Audio" y configurarlo (Ver here) o eliminarlo.

c.En la zona "Descripción", redactamos el texto correspondiente.

d. Con la zona "Descripción" seleccionada, accedemos a la pestaña "Añadir", podrás añadir también, si queremos, una "Imagen".

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Link a complete glossary or one of its terms

After creating a glossary, you can link it to various places (the whole glossary or only some terms):

  • Link it to the top Toolbar of a unit. Check how to do this in here
  • Link it to a text. In this case, you can choose a specific word from the glossary. Select the text that you want to link, open the "links" drop-down menu, and select "Glossary link". Then click again on the word, go to the "Properties" tab, and choose the Term identification key that you want to show (see step 6).

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