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"Non interactive activity" is a component that allows adding a type of activity that that does not require any interaction with students. They are required to complete an asynchronous task, such as watching a video, reading, writing, doing some group work, etc.

These activities are not self-assessed. However, if the unit can be accessed from SmartClassroom, the teacher will be able to assess it and students will see their feedback.
Activity blocks can only be added inside sections (See here).
You will find this component in the group of "Activity" components.

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Setup process

1. First, we will write the activity wording.

2. Then, we go to the "Add" tab to include some additional elements within the activity: new texts, audios, videos, and other useful resources.

3. Finally, we access the "Properties" tab to configure some features of the activity.

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Show title

This allows showing or hiding the upper headline associated with the activity.


This property allows choosing what skills or academic goals are achieved when completing this quiz. This option is useful when the platform used to publish a unit keeps record of these data.

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