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"Headline" component can be added inside any section (See here). We can add as many headlines as we need.

This headline includes a text and an accompanying image.
After adding the headline to the screen:

  1. When clicking on the screen headline, a text editor menu is enabled to add contents. Read here of the Author's Guide to know how to use all these functions.
  2. Then, access the "Properties" tab to configure at least an image or icon representing this headline.

Image 6973





We can apply two different styles:

  • Standard.
  • Highlight. It is the specific type of headline used for highlighting.


Image accompanying the text of the headline. The image applied should be small, not more than 70 x 70px.

Separation to contents

This property is used to define the separation space between the headline and the contents appearing after it. A 60px-separation is applied by default, but we can increase or reduce it.

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