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Create a page

To create a page, we need to follow these steps:

  • Access "Pages" menu and click on "Manage pages".
  • Click on "Add" and select a type of page:
    1. Cover.
    2. Content page. There are three types of content screens.
    3. Empty page. The page created by default does not have any type of screen assigned.

Image 6954

Set up a Cover

After creating a page, we should configure its properties, so we select the page from the breadcrumb trail and enter the properties tab.
"Page Title" is the most important property that we should set up.

Image 6955

"View" is another important property where we will choose one of these types of covers:

  • Cover with blocks: This option shows a cover with initial goals and an introduction on the same screen.
  • Cover with title on the left: It is a more traditional cover, including a title and an image only.

Image 6956

Additionally, we can set up other properties of the cover:



Index number

Page or section numeration. This property is only used when "Numeration type" property is set to "Manual" from the Interface (See here ).

Page title

It will appear on the upper Interface and Main menu of the unit.


This text complements the title that will be shown on the Main menu.

Image 6965


This property allows selecting two cover types.

Logo (220x146)

The logo is enabled when choosing "Cover with title on the left" as cover type. It is possible to add an image or logo to the cover.

Header image

This is the main image of the cover.

Background image for mobile devices

The logo is enabled when choosing "Cover with title on the left" as cover type. This property allows configuring an image what will only be shown on devices whose resolution is less that 700px wide. If the resolution is lower than that, the background image is not shown on the right side of the title, but above the title. This means having one image size for big screens (PC) and another size for small screen devices (tablets of Smartphones) can be an interesting choice.

Background colour

The logo is enabled when choosing "Cover with blocks" as cover type. It is possible to select the background colour of the unit title.

After configuring cover properties, we should use the text editor to write the titles and other texts of the cover.

Set up a Content page

Configuring a content page is very similar to setting up a cover, but:

  • "View" property is not used.
  • "Header image" property adds an image (explanatory graphic) to the upper area of the screen.

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