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There is a button

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in the right-upper corner of the Interface that we can click to access various additional resources for students (glossary, image gallery, etc.). Within each unit, we can choose the resources that will be put at students' disposal.
We should bear in mind that these resources should be included within pop-ups, so first we should create pop-ups that will contain resources such as a glossary or image gallery. (See here ). In order to add these pop-ups to the resource list, we should:

1. Click on the upper Interface of the unit.

2. Access the "Properties" menu.

3. Select a pop-up from the following properties:

  • Links popup. It allows associating a pop-up that offers students a list of useful links.
  • Glossary popup. It is designed to associate a pop-up containing a glossary (See here )
  • Gallery popup. It is designed to associate a pop-up containing an image gallery (See here). This way, we could show students a group of the most relevant images included in the unit.
  • Resources popup. It allows adding a pop-up to offer students some documents and a bibliography to download, for instance.
  • Resources button title: It allows to change the text that is shown when making roll-over on the resources icon.

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Remember Configure the popup title correctly because this title will appear whenever students roll the cursor over the button.

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