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"Likert escale"  questions allow creating a quiz where you can add a score to different items within a defined range. These activities are not self-assessable.

Remember: This activity is only avaliable as a "Reinforcement activity".

This type of activity is divided in three areas:

A. Wording area. It includes a sample text by default, but other components like images, audios, and videos can be added.

B. List of rating items. In this area, we can add more items and elements within the rating scale.

C. Feedback. It is possible to add neutral feedback within this activity.

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Setup process

  • Step 1. Set up activity properties
  • Step 2. Set up the wording
  • Step 3. Add the items for the rating scale
  • Step 4. Configure the rating scale
  • Step 5. Configure feedback

Step 1. Set up activity properties

After adding the activity, go to the "Properties" tab and configure them:




Activity title.


This property is only avaliable with a quiz with a "Quiz" view. All the questions have the same weight by default, but we can decide how much questions count towards the final score. See here to know how to calculate quiz scores depending on the weight of each question included in the quiz.


This is only applied when we add questions within a quiz with an "Activity block" view (see here).

This property allows indicating the number of attempts available to complete the activity. If you want unlimited attempts, write "0" attempts. (It will only be finished after overcoming the activity).

Step 2. Set up the wording

1. Write the text for the question (see here the setup options available for texts).

2. Opcionalmente, puedes añadir más componentes dentro del enunciado. Asegúrate de tener el enunciado seleccionado (la forma más cómoda es mediante el camino de migas) y, en la pestaña "Añadir" incorpora los componentes que necesites.

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Step 3. Add the items for the rating scale

Rating scale items are the items to which students will give a score within a preset value scale. You can add as many items as needed.

3. Select the first item, access the "Add" tab and click on "Item" to add a new item. Add as many items as you need.

4. Then, write a title for each item.

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5. When adding new items, titles of items inside the value scale always appear as headers. If you want these headers to show in the first row only, select the second item and subsequent items, go to the "Properties" tab and select "Yes" within the "Hide header"property.

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Step 4. Configure the rating scale

Rating scales consist of 3 options or columns by default. In order to add more options:

6. Click on one of the options within an item included in the rating scale, go to the "Add", tab and insert a new "Option". Repeat the same action with each item.

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7. Finally, give a title to each option within the rating scale.

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Step 5. Configure feedback


This acction is only necessary in Tokyo or Vegas template.

In Berlin template the feedback are automated and you will not be able to change them.

Finally, write a text for the neutral feedback of the activity. This feedback will appear regardless of students' answers.
As you can see, the text can be replaced by an image.
If you do not want to include any feedback at all, you can delete it.

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