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"Table" component is a text including a preset table where the primary colour of the unit is applied by default. This helps us to make tables more appealing and edit them quickly.

Remember all the components are added within the screens (See Section 2.2.), but they can also be included in other components (for example, a Highlight, an Accordion, a Row, etc.)

This component is included in the group of "Text" components.

Image 5178

When adding a table, we can choose different preset tables:

Image 5179

Setup process

  1. After choosing a table and clicking on it, a text editor is enabled. This editor has a specific bar that allows setting up and customising the table. For further information, see Section 5.10. in the Author's Guide.
  2. Image 5180

  3. Additionally, we can access the"Properties" tab and choose those we would like to set up.

Image 5181




  • Standard: applies unit colours to the table.
  • Customised: applies customised colours to the table (borders, header, even rows, odd rows, etc.).


This property only applies when selecting "Standard" view.

  • Primary colour: primary colour of the unit will be applied.
  • Secondary colour: secondary colour of the unit will be applied.
    (See here to know how to configure unit colours).


This property allows changing the space occupied by a component inside a central column of contents. This component occupies 100% of the space by default. Text size can be reduced to other preset percentages or can be displayed in full-size.


This property allows placing the component on the right, on the left or on the centre of the central column where contents are shown. It can only be used when applied "Width" is less than 100%.

Image of the table for PDF (optional)

If creation of an automatic PDF including all unit contents like text in tables is configured (See here), table layout might be cut and split into two pages. We can prevent this from happening if we add an image of the table to this property. This way, the table with text will be replaced by this image and will not be cut when creating the PDF.

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