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Texts are added within the screens (See here), but they can also be included inside other components (Highlight, an Accordion, a Row, etc.)

This component is included in the group of "Text" components.

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Setup process

  1. Whenever you add a text, a text editor menu is enabled. Read here to know how to use all these functions.
  2. Additionally, we can access the "Properties" tab and choose those we would like to set up.

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It allows indenting the first line of each paragraph.

List style

It allows setting up the style of numbered lists:

  • Normal: The numbers of the list are shown as normal text, without any specific format.
  • Bold: Numbers are shown in bold.
  • Italic: Numbers are shown in bold and italics.

Colour list

We can change the colour applied to bullet points included in texts.

Image 5166


This property allows changing the text space inside a central column of contents. This text occupies 100% of the space by default. Text size can be reduced to other preset percentages or can be displayed in full-size.


This property allows placing the component on the right, on the left or on the centre of the central column where contents are shown. It can only be used when applied "Width" is less than 100%.

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