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Vegas templates

The Vegas template allows us to create a single html5 page that acts as a blank canvas (no navigation menu) on which to add components.

The contents created with this template are especially useful to embed on platforms that incorporate the contents within a framework, for example, in learningCloud.

Basic setup

To set up a drive created with the Vegas template, you need to access the "Common Properties" tab. In it you can configure the graphic appearance of the unit:

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Primary color
Secondary colour
Primary and secondary color to be applied to the various components that are added to the unit.
Negative feedback color
Positive feedback colour
Color of negative and positive feedback of questions, in case of adding questionnaires or reinforcement activities.
Background colour
The background color of the page.
Background imageBackground image of the page.

Additionally, in the page properties,you can configure:

- The title of the page

- Maximum width of content

Image 17890

Add components

Inside this template you can add any of the existing components in the Tokyo template. For use of these components, visit the Tokyo template manual.

In addition to the general tokyo components, it is possible to incorporate popups,which will be useful for correctly configuring components such as a click map.

Set up goals

The Vegas pant units allow the configuration of objectives, that is, the actions that the student must take to give the unit for completed.

See here how to configure goals.


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