contentCloud editor. Improve your productivity in editing

In this article we bring you some simple tricks and recommendations that will help you get more out to our content editor.

Paste plain text

When you copy a text from Word or other text editors into Maker editor, the content is pasted with all the formats of origin, including typography, color...Right? So, the content do not apply the correct fonts from the template and the text will not behave correctly in environments of responsiveness (e.g. by reducing its size on certain devices).

To avoid it, paste the text into Maker using the combination of keys CTRL + SHIFT + V. The test will be paste as plain text, and you can edit it properly with Maker editor.

Delete text formats

If you have pasted text from Word, surely it bring unwanted formats. What can you do? Easy. Select the text and press the option Remove format. It will erase all the text formats, including bold and italics.

If you also want to delete other formats, such as listings or links, you use the option Without format.

Avoid widow text and orphan text in your content.

Imagine that you want to write the number 10 000 but, as at end of line, is party. Avoid it with the "A_2" functionality. This option will allow you to unify the text in a single word, even if you have spaces in the middle. Thus, your data will never be separated or you will avoid orphaned at the end of line.