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A pop-up is a type of content that opens as a pop-up window. Check how this pop-ups are created and linked here.
We can add almost any type of component from a template to a pop-up message. A similar procedure is used when configuring screens.
There are specific properties available to configure the appearance of pop-ups:

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This property allows changing the type of pop-up.

  • Basic pop-up. It has a normal appearance. We can add any component to it.
  • Full-screen pop-up. Full-screen display option. It is used when we want to add content requiring a lot of space to display (animations from external sources, images, etc.)
  • Glossary pop-up. A type of pop-up designed to include a glossary. This option allows adding a glossary component (See here)


This property allows changing the colour of the pop-up header.

  • Primary colour. Applies the primary colour of the unit to the pop-up header. (See how to apply colours to the unit in here)
  • Secondary colour. Applies the secondary colour of the unit to the pop-up header.
    This property cannot be applied with "Glossary pop-up" view.


It is used to identify the pop-up. It will be used to create a link to a pop-up. This is the title that will be shown in the pop-up selection menu (See here).

Maximum width

We can configure the maximum width of the pop-up displayed on the screen. It is measured in pixels.

Show in the automatic PDF

We can decide if we want to make the pop-up appear with the contents of the printable PDF (See here) to know how to create this automatic PDF).

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