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Create a page

To create a page, we need to follow these steps:

  • Access "Pages" menu and click on "Manage pages".
  • Click on "Add" and select a type of page:
    1. Pages with a cover screen. There are three types of cover screens.
    2. Pages with a content screen. There are three types of content screens.
    3. Empty page. The page created by default does not have any type of screen assigned.

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Set up page properties

After creating a page, we should configure its properties. In order to do that, we select the page from the breadcrumb trail and enter the properties tab.

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Page title or section title. This title will be shown on the Interface and the navigation menu.

Show in Menu

It allows showing or hiding the current page in the navigation menu. All pages are shown in the Menu by default (See here to learn more about the navigation menu).

Overcome goal

It allows to modify the configuration of the overcoming of the objectives of this concrete component. We can choose between:

  • Inherited: this option aply the default value defined in the Completion Objectives Area (See here).
  • Non objetive: this audio will not an objetive to complete the unit.
  • Visit: It is required to visit the page to reach the objectives of the unit.

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