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Authors can customize how the units will behave, being able to customize the criteria for passing or passing each unit. 

From the general editing menu, access "Unit configuration". 

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In the "Criteria for completion" area you can configure how the unit will be passed: 

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The available options are: 

Approval score:

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In this field you will indicate the cut-off mark to pass the unit.
Not to be confused with the cut-off mark for each quiz. 
Scoring criteria:

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Here you can define which criteria will be used to calculate the score obtained by the student:
Page views: the score will be calculated by the percentage of pages viewed. It is useful to assign a score to units that do not have quizzes.
Scoring of activities. The score will be calculated by the grade obtained in the unit's evaluable activities. This criterion should be applied when the "Activity points" calculation method is used in the quizzes
Approved quizzes. The grade is calculated by the number of evaluable quizzes passed. If you have only one quiz in the unit, when the student passes it, he/she will be awarded 100% of the score, no matter with which specific score he/she obtained. And if you have two quizzes and he passes one, his grade will be 50%. This is useful, for example, when you have divided the unit into blocks of knowledge and you want to have a quiz for each one
Approved activities. The grade is calculated taking into account only the activities that have been passed in their entirety, without taking into account questions that are only half correct. This criterion must be applied when in the quizzes the calculation method "Passed activities" is used.
Automatic. This is the default option. It assumes that, if the unit has no quizzes, the grade will be calculated by pages viewed and, if it has quizzes, by the score of the activities. 
Method of score calculation

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Here you can decide which score you are going to keep: 
Best score: only scores that improve the previous highest score will be sent to the platform. For example, a student answers a quiz and gets a 40% score. If he gets a 30% on the next attempt, the grade will not be sent. But if he/she gets a 50%, it will be sent. 
Best score until passing: it works the same as the previous method but when the cut-off score of the unit is exceeded, new grades are not sent. So, if the student passes with a 50% and tries again getting a 60%, that new score will not be sent. 
Last score: In this case the last score obtained is always sent, regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the previous one. 
Criteria for score submission

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Here you define when the score is sent: 
- On score change: in this case, the score is sent to the platform as soon as it is obtained. For example, when changing pages, or when answering a questionnaire. 
When completing the evaluable quizzes: the score is only sent once all the evaluable quizzes of the unit have been completed. 
When completing the content: the score will not be sent to the platform until all the objectives defined in the unit are completed. 
Never: the score is never sent. 
Criteria for sending success status

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Here you define when the notice that the unit has been passed will be sent to the platform.
The same criteria can be applied as for sending the score.

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