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Authors can customize how the units will behave by customizing the criteria for unit completion.

Unit completeness depends on the achievement of a number of objectives, e.g., visiting pages, viewing videos, answering quizzes, etc. 

Unit objectives can be set by configuring them component by component (e.g., defining that a particular video should be an objective) or globally, for the entire unit. 

In the general editing menu, go to "Unit configuration"


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In the "Completion criteria" tab you will find the options to parameterize the completeness of the unit.

Here you can: 

  • Decide whether the status "completed" is sent to the platform when all objectives are met. By default, you always send this information. 
  • Set which objectives you want to activate: 
    • View Pages: you will be able to choose whether it is necessary to visit the pages (enter them) or whether it is necessary to finish them (i.e., scroll to the end.
    • Answer Quizzes: you can choose whether you need to answer all of them or only those that have been marked as evaluable. 
    • Watch videos, choosing whether to start (press play) or finish (watch the video until the last second). 
    • Listen to audios, choosing between starting (press play) or ending (watch the audio until the last second). 
    • View composite: refers to image galleries, drop-down menus and tab menus. Here you can choose between interacting with the component (accessing some of its blocks) or ending it (all of its blocks must be accessed). 
    • Markers and click areas in images. Here you can choose between interacting with some of them (just click on one of these elements present in the image) or interacting with all of them. 

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