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We can add a client image or logo:

  • On the browser tab (favicon)
  • On the upper Interface of a unit
  • On the Cover of a unit

In the browser tab (favicon)

To add this logo, just access the "Common Properties" tag and select the desired image in the "Favicon" property

Image 19758

On the upper Interface of a unit

  1. Click on the upper Interface of the unit.
  2. Access the "Add content" menu.
  3. Select the component "Logo"Image 7969
  4. Go to "Logo (220x50)" property, then click on "Examine" and select the image that will be used as a logo. Image size cannot exceed 200x50px.Image 7970

A logo will appear automatically on the Interface, located on the left side of the unit title.

Remember The upper logo will only be shown if screen is at least 780px wide. This means Smartphones and some Tablets will not show it when scrolling vertically.

On the Cover of a unit

  1. Select the Cover screen type.
  2. Access to "Properties" menu.
  3. Go to "Logo (220x50)" property, then select the image we want to add. Remember: Image size cannot exceed 200x50px.

Image 4619

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