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Basic Netex template will not offer any more maintenance and will be deleted from the available templates catalogue shortly.Thus, we have made Basic Netex and Tokyo templates compatible with each other. This way, our clients will be able to migrate contents created with Basic Netex to the new Tokyo template. Then they will be able to benefit from its advantages.

Can I migrate any unit to Tokyo?

All units created with the Basic Netex template can be converted to the Tokyo template. There is no limitation.

How does migration from Basic Netex to Tokyo work?

  • Access to the administration panel of the unit, enter in the "Configuration" tab and click on "Change".Image 33820
  • Select "Tokyo" template and clic on "Save". Now, your content is using the new template. 
    Image 15873

What should I check when migrating a unit to Tokyo?

You should always make sure changes have been applied correctly. We recommend checking the following:

  • Videos. Basic Netex template offers 4 different video components, while in Tokyo we have integrated it all in a single component. Consider checking changes have been applied paying special attention to video covers in on-line videos, as this feature was not available with the Basic Netex template.
  • General layout. Make sure that customised settings for each component (size, view, colours, etc.) have been preserved.
  • Quizz connectors. If you have added questionnaires using the "Quizz Connector" component, you must modify the template of these linked units, from "Basic Netex Activities" to "Tokyo Activities". Then, you will have to enter your content unit and regenerate the links in each questionnaire connector.
  • Navigation. When switching to the Tokyo template, the free or sequential navigation settings are reset, you will have to reconfigure it. Click here see how.
  • Objectives needed to overcome the unit. When changing to the Tokyo template, all the targets that were set by default in Basic Netex are reset, so you will have to reconfigure those you want. Click here see how.

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