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contentCloud editor offers three modes of content editing, aimed at responding to the needs of 3 different users:

  • Easy Mode: Designed for content experts but no design experience. As a user I can choose from the available themes to create their units and, after choosing the theme, use the content structures already preconfigured by the design team that created the theme. Thus, you can create new pages and pop-ups, choosing between the pre-existing types. And you will only have to edit that content: write texts, replace images, configure videos...
  • Professional Mode: designed for authors with knowledge of instructional design, but not especially skilled in graphic design. These users will also work from a theme, but they will have the freedom to add new elements and components within the pages, but without having to worry about the graphic design and appearance of these components, which will already be predefined by the design team.
  • Designer mode: it is the most advanced profile, which will be able to create themes, defining the graphic appearance of all pages, pop-ups, components, navigation... with a capacity for customization that has no limits.

To choose the editing mode you want to use

  • Enter the editor.
  • Go to the "Drive Settings" area.
  • Place yourself in the "Authoring mode" panel.
  • Choose the desired editing mode (Easy, Professional, Designer).

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